Teaching Responsibility And Independence with Learning Supports


Program Overview

We are excited to welcome students into the TRAILS program, one of Jeffco Schools SED center-based programs. This program has been specifically designed to assist students who have struggled at a previous school in a traditional special education setting, despite multiple interventions and less-restrictive services. The TRAILS program is a specialized setting that provides students with behavioral, emotional, social and academic support.

There are many paths, or trails, all of us must navigate in life, and with the TRAILS program we hope to help students become responsible and independent when they have stepped off the track or when paths merge. The program has been created to not only meet the needs of the student, but to support the needs of his/her family as well. This program serves students in grades K-5 and follows the traditional school calendar. In the TRAILS program,highly trained staff members aim to help students feel safe, be respectful and be productive.

Program Goals

For all students to be safe, respectful and productive, the TRAILS program will:

  1. Encourage responsibility and independence so the student can integrate successfully into the general education setting, and ultimately return to his/her home school or middle school.
  2. Establish physical and emotional safety, in order for the student to risk relationships and adapt to change.
  3. Build trusting and close personal relationships to enhance the students emotional, social and cognitive growth.
  4. Educate and endorse appropriate skills so the student can effectively manage his/her emotions, navigate social interactions, control behaviors, and access academics.
  5. Enhance confidence and self-esteem through empathy, encouragement, empowerment and success.
  6. Collaborate with the students family and other school staff members to remove the barriers to a higher potential, and to support success.

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